The Power of Faith

In the times of uncertainty and doubt, I hope you choose faith.
When the gloomy clouds of worry hover over your dreams, I hope you choose faith.

In the face of difficulties when you feel beat, I hope you choose faith.
When the wrath of fear is unbearable, I hope you choose faith.

In between moments of despair too, I hope you choose faith.
When the next breath seems like a stabbing wound, yet, I hope you choose faith.

If there is one thing about this world I am absolutely and undeniably sure of, it’s that our belief shapes our life like no other. What you have faith in will make manifest into your life no matter what might be conspiring against that belief. Provided you believe in the possibility of it unfolding eventually in the most divine order, rest assured for it most certainly will. 

I was once someone who had experienced things happening that I feared they shouldn’t. Little did I know then how blindly I, myself, was bringing those undesirable outcomes to me by pouring my energy in thinking what could go wrong. But once I learnt the magic that the same law applies for the greatest blessings to come my way, my view of reality changed.

I hope I was able to pique your interest in this incredible, yet very practical concept. I warmly and wholeheartedly welcome you on this journey together where I’ll be sharing more such real-life experiences from amazing people I come across hoping to inspire one of you to share yours.

Love and Light.✨

The Power of Faith